UPDATE: Sorry, Currently CO2 Cleaning Service is not available at Aqua Cleaners.

Why Aqua

Aqua Cleaners stands apart from other cleaners as we deploy the best combination of environmentally safe cleaning and laundry technologies. We are the only ApparelCare company on the Peninsula, the North and South Bay that utilizes the combination of clean and safe liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) and professional wet cleaning without exposure to traditional toxic solvents.

CO2 & Wet Cleaning – Experience the Power of Nature

  • CO2 allows us to clean your clothes using a much cooler temperature than any traditional system. Heat degrades fabrics, causing them to wear out, fade and pill and can actually cause stains to set permanently. A cooler temperature is much easier on clothes, and problems like “set” stains and fading colors are things of the past.
  • Our professional wet cleaning technology is a perfect alternative to conventional dry cleaning methods for certain stains and fabrics, given that nothing is better than water. Like CO2, it is a certified environmentally safe cleaning technology. Garments are treated with an extremely gentle process – actually more gentle than hand washing.
  • With Aqua Cleaners, your clothes will feel softer; colors will look bright and vibrant, while the texture maintains a ”like-new” feel. And, your clothes will smell as fresh and clean as they look.
  • The bottom line is that your favorite clothes will look great and last longer.

Don’t just take our word for it

Many consumer agencies and leading publications have reported on the benefits of CO2 and wet cleaning over other, older dry cleaning methods:

Sorry, Currently CO2 & Wet Cleaning Service is not available at Aqua Cleaners.

CO2 Technology

UPDATE: Sorry, Currently CO2 Cleaning Service is not available at Aqua Cleaners.

Our CO2 technology opens a new era in dry cleaning. This breakthrough technology is poised to sweep the dry cleaning industry on a global scale as it offers enormous benefits for the environment and working conditions. And it cleans virtually anything!

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) comes from natural sources and is also a by-product of existing industrial processes, for example from fermentation in distilleries. It's the same gas that bubbles up in soft drinks and beer. The CO2 used in the cleaning process is captured from existing sources; no new CO2 is manufactured for use in the process. The CO2 cleaning technology only "borrows" existing CO2 on its way to the atmosphere and doesn’t add any greenhouse gases to the environment.
  • While being environmentally safe, carbon dioxide (CO2) has excellent cleaning properties. It dissolves dirt, fats and oils on all materials currently dry cleaned. Thanks to its low surface tension and viscosity it easily penetrates garment fibers. In all other ways, it works like any traditional dry cleaning solvent. Better yet, CO2 is easy to handle. It is non-toxic (unless inhaled in large concentrations), non-flammable and odorless. It produces no hazardous waste or emissions that require special disposal.
  • Unlike all the other cleaning systems, CO2 does not require drying with heat. As a result, it is very gentle on fabrics. Garments cleaned with CO2 will last longer and feel softer. Additionally, without heat, stains are not set and stain removal is still possible after treatment.

Wet Cleaning

Professional Wet Cleaning Technology

Professional wet cleaning is an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional dry cleaning methods. It is an aqueous process for cleaning a full range of garments using state-of-the-art technology, biodegradable detergents and additives, followed by appropriate drying and restorative finishing procedures.

  • The key to professional wet cleaning is the equipment that can be programmed for many variables, such as mechanical action, water and drying temperature, moisture levels, and water and detergent volumes. This flexible technology allows administering a customized wet cleaning program especially suited to your fabric’s specific needs.
  • The wet cleaning process is extremely gentle, even more gentle than hand washing, resulting in fresh, clean and soft feeling garments.