In-House Production

Our business owner, Mr. Kim, oversees in-house production every day to make sure we continue to deliver the best quality dry cleaning and laundry services for our customers. We pay close attention to every detail and use the best talent and techniques.

Unknown Truth about Most Dry Cleaners

Did you know that most dry cleaners outsource their production to other cleaning factories? Most people are unaware that their garments are being sent to a different factory to be cleaned. This means that most dry cleaners don’t actually oversee how their dry cleaning is done and hand it over to someone else.

Aqua Cleaners - Your Top ApparelCare Company

At Aqua Cleaners, we do all our cleaning production in-house, right at our store location, so you can leave your garments in trusted hands. We are a top, competitive business in the dry cleaning industry because of our:

  • Investment in proven, modern technology
  • Implementation of newer and more effective dry cleaning processes
  • Excellent management and education of team members
  • High quality dry cleaning production supplies

Environment First

We put our best efforts to be a Green ApparelCare company wherever we can. From using green detergents to recycling all our hangers and supplies, we are consciously making sure that we’re protecting our planet.
A plus to using the best green technology in ApparelCare? With Aqua Cleaners, your clothes will feel softer; colors will look bright and vibrant, while the texture maintains a ”like-new” feel. And, your clothes will smell as fresh and clean as they look.
The bottom line is that your favorite clothes will look great and last longer.

Professional Wet Cleaning Technology

Our professional wet cleaning technology is a perfect alternative to conventional dry cleaning methods for certain stains and fabrics, given that nothing is better than water. It is a certified environmentally safe cleaning technology.

  • It is an aqueous process for cleaning a full range of garments using state-of-the-art technology, biodegradable detergents and additives, followed by appropriate drying and restorative finishing procedures.
  • The key to professional wet cleaning is the equipment that can be programmed for many variables, such as mechanical action, water and drying temperature, moisture levels, and water and detergent volumes. This flexible technology allows administering a customized wet cleaning program especially suited to your fabric’s specific needs
  • The wet cleaning process is extremely gentle, even more gentle than hand washing, resulting in fresh, clean and soft feeling garments.

Pickup & Delivery

We want to make sure you have one thing less to worry about in your life. That’s why we offer pickup & delivery services for your dry cleaning and laundry here at Aqua Cleaners.

How Does it Work?

Call or use our website to sign up for pickup and delivery services. When you sign up, you have two choices:

  • Sign up for a specific schedule (e.g. pickup & delivery every Mon and Thurs)
  • Or, sign up for on demand, where you will call us when you want a pickup and delivery

Then, our delivery driver will visit your home or office upon scheduled days or on demand per customer request

Convenience & Time Saver

You don’t need to be at home for us to pickup or deliver your items to you! When you sign up for our services, you can designate a specific area where you want us to pickup and drop off your garments. That way, we don’t have to bother you and can conveniently pickup and delivery your garments as requested -- all without a hassle.