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Our Story

We are first and foremost a family-run business. With the help of our two daughters, my wife and I come to work every day with our heart and passion to deliver the best quality dry cleaning and laundry services for our customers.

As a result, we have been providing the Peninsula and South Bay area with high-quality dry cleaning and laundry services since 2007.

Environment First

Aqua Cleaners stands apart from other cleaners as we deploy the best combination of environmentally safe cleaning and laundry technologies.

We apply professional wet cleaning without exposure to traditional toxic solvents and only use environmentally green, organic laundry detergents.

In-House Production

Did you know that most dry cleaners outsource their production to other cleaning factories? Most people are unaware that their garments are being sent to a different factory to be cleaned.

At Aqua Cleaners, we do all our cleaning production in-house, right at our store location, so you can leave your garments in trusted hands.